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Tailgate Outfits for Sports Fans

If you’ve ever been to a real tailgate, you know that nothing can quite top the fun, excitement and community of fans coming together — often in the parking lot of the stadium — to get ready for a big game. Some fan bases celebrate the tailgate differently, as each team has its own traditions. What is consistent through each is having a loud, fun, eye-catching outfit to wear and show your support. That’s where Game Bibs come in.

We have striped adult overalls in your favorite team’s color. Shop for your favorite team stripes below, and stand out from the crowd at the next tailgate.

What To Wear to a Tailgate

The tailgate is a sacred time to show your team support, to let your inner superfan out of its cage and just go a little nuts. Sure, some tailgaters might take it too far (we’re looking at you, Buffalo), but most fan bases and team communities use the tailgate as a way to celebrate the team (both successes and failures), relax and get ready for a fun experience.

One of the most widely known traditions of the tailgate is the tailgate outfit. Depending on what kind of fan you are, you will use your outfit to show your support and fervor for your team. For the modest, more reserved fans, a team jersey and hat is all you really need. Your support will be noted. But for those of you who really want to sing the praises of your team from the rooftops, you’ll need something a little bit stronger.

That’s where Game Bibs come in. Our striped adult overalls are regulars on nationally televised broadcasts. In most cases, they’re being worn by the guy/girl showing the most team spirit, worthy of a cameo. When you put on a Game Bib for the tailgate, you’re not only showing support, you’re becoming the support.

Shop tailgate outfits in your team’s colors with Game Bibs today!