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Tailgate Outfits for Kids

There’s no better or cuter way to pass your fandom for your alma mater or favorite team on to your kids than with children’s game-day overalls. From infants up to tweens, we have striped, colored bib overalls for kids in all sizes and color combinations.

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Stand Out in the Crowd as a Family

One of the main reasons that our customers love our children’s sized Game Bibs is because they give them the ability to dress up as a family. Game Bibs is the only place that has sizes for adults all the way down to infants.

Each pair of kids’ sports fan overalls is made with the same 100% cotton design as our bibs for adults, which means they are comfortable and breathable even on those hot summer days. We know buying clothes as kids grow can be a pain, so all of our sports fan overalls for kids feature adjustable shoulder straps to make them last through that growth spurt.

If it’s your first time shopping with us for a pair of game-day overalls for kids, we’d like to give you an introductory offer of 10% off your first purchase! Just like us on Facebook, tweet at us or sign up for our newsletter to save today!