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Super Bowl 54 (LIV) Cliff Notes

If you've been following the NFL this year, then the two teams playing in Super Bowl LIV are somewhat of a no-brainer. On one hand, you've got a West Coast powerhouse that has been playing some solid ball for the past two years. The 49ers showed up early as one of the NFL's top teams, and no one has been able to prove otherwise. They've been playing like Super Bowl champs all season.

On the other, you've got the Chiefs, who are less accustomed to the postseason spotlight. Things really turned around once they brought on young Patrick Mahomes as their starter. They've done well in the playoffs the last two seasons. They haven't been in the Super Bowl for 50 years, coinciding with the fact that this is the NFL's 100th season. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is also looking for his first Super Bowl win.

It's a tight race this year. According to the betting lines, the Chiefs are expected to win by seven points (that's just one touchdown), making this one of the closest Super Bowls in recent years. Not to mention that there's no sign of the Patriots, which everyone except Patriot fans seems to be excited about.

Here's what you need to know going into this year's Super Bowl.

49ers Cliff Notes

  • Probably going to win this year
  • Technically the underdogs (according to the betting spreads), even though they've been a powerhouse all year
  • Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers QB) was Tom Brady's backup QB from 2014 to 2017, so he's already got two rings from being the GOAT's understudy. In a weird way, he's also a proxy for Brady as he sits Super Bowl 54 out.
  • Team colors: scarlet and gold
  • Team nickname: the Niners
  • Team mascot: Sourdough Sam

Chiefs Cliff Notes

  • Favored to win this year by a small margin according to the spreads, though the 49ers look tough
  • Haven't been to the Super Bowl in 50 years, while head coach Andy Reid (21 years as a head coach) has never been to a Super Bowl game
  • Offense Nickname: Legion of Zoom
  • Been winning lots of playoffs lately thanks in large part to their quarterback Patrick Mahomes
  • Overcame a 24-0 deficit against the Houston Texans to advance to the AFC playoffs against the Titans
  • Blew a Super Bowl appearance in the 2018/2019 season after getting an offside penalty against the Patriots, causing them to lose the game and be eliminated
  • Used to be the Dallas Texans franchise
  • Team colors: red, gold and white
  • Team mascot: K.C. Wolf