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Shop Striped Overalls: Sports, Tailgate & Game Day Bibs

Our adult gameday bib overalls take fandom to a whole other level. Each one of our pairs of striped, bibbed sports overalls for adults features great color combinations in your favorite team’s colors and is made of 100% cotton for a breathable, comfortable feel even on those hot summer days.

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Striped Adult Sports Bib Overalls

Our striped overalls are an eye-catching, fun, and comfortable way to show your support for your favorite team, whether that's a professional team, college team, high school sports, or even independent or little league. Every team needs dedicated fans that can show their support.

Our overalls feature long, vertical stripes from the suspenders down to the cuff of the legs. Whether you call them pinstripe overalls, engineer stripe overalls, or railroad stripe overalls, you'll find a pair in a color pattern you love here.

Game Bibs' striped overalls aren't just for the superfan. They're a great accessory if you want to:

  • Embarrass your kids at their high school game on Friday night
  • Cheer on your alma mater on Saturdays
  • Stand out in the stadium on Sunday for a gridiron showdown decked out in the most eye-catching and colorful fan gear in the stands

With our adult sports fan bib overalls, you’re sure to stand out in the crowd.

Our Most Popular Pairs: Striped Overall GOAT's

Whether you're a professional football fan or prefer a Saturday afternoon on campus with your alma mater, Game Bibs has the right pair of striped overalls. We are proud to offer Game Bibs that fit the whole family including men's striped overalls, women's striped overalls, and striped overalls for the kiddos. Below are our 3 most popular color combinations of striped overalls.

Pro Sports Striped Overalls

When it comes to professional sports, pro football is where the real fans are. While it's not uncommon to see crazy fan outfits in baseball, basketball, and hockey games, the fans of pro football teams go above and beyond to stand out and show their support. Maybe it's the tailgating tradition that pushes fans to go above and beyond, maybe it's the fewer games that their teams play at home stadiums, maybe it's the action. Who knows? All we know is that when you see a fan in a striped pair of overalls screaming their heart out on ESPN, it's a beautiful site to see. Below are some of our most popular Game Bibs for professional teams.

Striped College Overalls

When you're in college and it's Saturday, that means it's time to get geared up for the football game. There's nothing more exhilarating and no greater feeling of camaraderie and tradition than cheering on your fellow classmates on the gridiron. College sports are near and dear to the Game Bibs family and we relish spotting a superfan during football, basketball, and baseball games. Below are some of the most popular striped bibs for college sports.