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  • 2021 Sports Predictions

    2020 was a weird year for sports. Never before has such a widely-consumed and commercialized product had to contend with the logistics (and fallout thereof) of dealing with a global pandemic.

  • 5 Great Injury Comeback Stories

    An injury to an athlete can be as minor as a cut on the arm and as serious as reconstructive surgery. For people who devote their entire lives and livelihood to staying healthy and fit, the threat of injury is always a concern. We’ve all heard about the unfortunate career-ending injuries past and present, but we’re probably even more familiar with the athletes who came back from seemingly rock bottom to produce stellar performances.
  • 5 of the Most Famous Stadiums in Sports

    With baseball in full swing, basketball and hockey in the middle of their respective playoff tournaments, football just coming off the hype of their annual draft, college football gearing up for the fall season and soccer leagues wrapping up their regular season in preparation for European tournaments and the Olympics, sports are clearly in full swing all around the globe.
  • Best Winning & Worst Losing Streaks in Sports

    This past week, the Cleveland Browns won their first regular season football game in nearly two years, breaking a winless streak that dated back to December 2016 in the season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Snapping that streak had us curious about some of the best and worst streaks in American professional sports.
  • Five Most Dominant Softball Teams

    If you haven’t paid close attention to the WCWS over the last few years, you might think we’ve been watching reruns of the games each year. That’s because either Oklahoma or Florida has been in the softball championship round for eight of the last nine years.
  • Our Past Christmas Day Sports Predictions

    Every year, the NBA features a stocking’s share of games played on Christmas Day. This year, the NFL is adding to the day’s bundle of gifts. As the holiday falls on a Monday, the NFL’s weekly schedule features not one but two games for your viewing pleasure.
  • Stay Connected With Nike’s “Smart Jerseys”

    Nike recently announced their launch of smart jerseys: purchasable fan apparel that includes a chip you can scan to get all sorts of information on your favorite player. So how does it work?
  • Ten Strange & Obscure Sports Facts

    We’ve all memorized the iconic moments of our favorite teams. We remember where we were when they won big games, lost bigger games, became hometown heroes and more.
  • The Best Games of the 2010s to Watch for Free on Youtube

    Luckily, technology has made it possible to relive some of your most recent favorite sports memories. In 2020, you don’t need a subscription to ESPN Classic to see some of the greatest games and sports moments of the last decade.
  • Top 5 Moments from the Year Sports Got Cancelled

    With 2020 coming to a close and all of the year’s major team-based sports showdowns done for the time being (college football playoffs start up in January), we wanted to take a look back and pull out some of those threads of sports greatness that occurred the year sports got cancelled.
  • What is the BIG3?

    If you lamented the end of the NBA season, basketball has quickly returned with BIG3, a new league that features some familiar faces.