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  • Draftees Get Jerseys in Record Time

    In regular-season games, player names are either screen printed and then stitched onto the back of a jersey or embroidered directly onto the jersey itself. In the few minutes the jersey team has to screen print a jersey and get it in the hands of the draftee, they don’t have any time for sewing. Here’s how it works:
  • NFL Wild Card Predictions by Uniform

    We might not have the best track record as of late when predicting which teams will win their matchups, but we can’t pass up the chance to talk about the most exciting couple of weeks in professional football. This Saturday, NFL teams are set to take stage for the opening round of the playoffs. Plenty of familiar faces are in this year’s crop of the top teams, but plenty of teams are making their long-awaited return to playoff football. The Titans, Rams, Bills and Jaguars will all play this weekend for the first time in years (decades, for some), and the NFC South will send three of their four teams into the weekend’s fold. As we’ve done in the past, here are our predictions for the Wild Card games based on uniform matchups.
  • Our 2017 NFL Predictions

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year…football season that is. Whether it’s the tailgating, the food, or the pure energy inside the stadium, there’s something for everyone to enjoy about good ol’ football. If you’re a hardcore fan, then you have extra reason to be excited for this season. Based on our predictions below, there are going to be some exciting things going down on the field, so bring out the game bibs and get ready for one hell of a season.
  • Our 2019 NFL Championship Predictions

    The table has been set and the final four teams are ready to battle it out for the NFL’s highest prize. After our poor showing on Wild Card weekend, three out of four correct picks in the divisional round isn’t bad! With just three games left to play this season, it’s time for us to make our final predictions for conference and league champions.
  • Past Game Bibs Pro Football Championship Prediction

    A topsy-turvy, nail-biting series of playoff football games has finally narrowed the field to our last two teams. In one corner, a juggernaut of a franchise looking for its fifth league championship in the last 15 seasons and its ninth overall appearance in the big game. In the other corner, a flashy, high-flying team that steamrolled the competition through the playoffs, making its way to its second-ever league championship game and searching for its first title. We’ll leave the analysis of the game to the professionals, but we can certainly give our input based on uniforms and color schemes!
  • The 5 Spookiest Fanbases in Football

    Every sport has its passionate fans, but football tends to bring out some of the more creative and diehard fanbases. From homemade costumes and lots of face paint to pre-game rituals, fans of certain teams just do it better and scarier than everyone else. In celebration of Halloween, here are five of the spookiest fanbases in football.
  • Why the Lions and Cowboys Play on Thanksgiving

    As the calendar turns from October to November and we regret all the candy we ate, thoughts turn to the Thanksgiving feast that’s just weeks away. With Turkey Day comes the NFL tradition of the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys playing a mid-week game against rotating opponents. But why do the Lions and Cowboys always play a game on Thanksgiving? What’s the story behind it? Settle in while we tell you a tale.