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  • A New College Football Season = New Uniforms

    We’re mere days away from the kickoff of the 2018 college football season, and everyone here at Game Bibs HQ can hardly contain their excitement. A new season brings with it renewed hopes of football glory, big wins, exciting plays and, of course, new uniforms. Plenty of schools have taken to social media to show off their new threads and accessories, and these five are our favorites so far (in no particular order).
  • College Football Conference Champs Predictions

    And just like that, the college football regular season is nearly over. Only a weekend of conference championship games stands between us, bowl season and the always intriguing four-team playoff. There’s a lot left to play for, and plenty of drama left to unfold come Saturday. Now’s the perfect time for your Game Bibs expert analysts to pick each conference winner by the most analytical, foolproof method: colors and uniforms.
  • Most Unique College Mascots

    We’re still a few days away from the final selections for the men’s and women’s college basketball post-season tournaments, but a few of the holes in the bracket are being filled, introducing casual sports fans to teams they haven’t heard of. That also means plenty of fun mascots to learn. A few great ones that have a chance to make an appearance in the post-season this year include:
  • Our 2017 Preseason College Football Predictions

    The college football season is almost upon us! This also means it’s time for football fan diehards to pull their game bibs out of the closet, dust off their foam fingers and stock up on face paint. On the last full week of August, teams across the country will begin their quests to rise to the top of the rankings and take a shot at the national title. With just a few weeks to go before kickoff, we wanted to take a shot at guessing which teams will come out on top in the Power 5 conferences. Without further ado, your expert football analysts at have proclaimed that:
  • The Best Entrances in College Football

    Nothing gets the crowd on its feet and the energy level rocking like a great entrance by the home team. In college football, entrances are a time-honored tradition, with plenty of schools developing routines that are equal parts nostalgia and intimidating. We’ve pulled together a short list of what we think are some of the top entrances in college football. Let’s see if you agree.
  • The Top 5 College Football Towns

    It’s just a matter of weeks before college football sweeps the nation once again. Most of us will be catching the must-see matchups from the comfort of our living rooms, but if you’re one of the lucky few to go see a game in person, you’ll get to enjoy all the pomp and circumstance that comes with game day in a college town. Here are a few of the top college football cities to visit for the best game day experience.