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  • 5 of the Biggest College Basketball Tournament Upsets

    The annual college basketball tournament in March is something to behold. For a few weeks, the world is exposed to a field of familiar and unknown teams that have fought and clawed their way into the always-entertaining, massive tournament to determine the best basketball team in American college sports. Most games are hectic and come down to the wire, and we imagine this year will be no different. There are always a handful of memorable upsets, as well. We decided to review some of the biggest ones. Who knows, maybe a huge upset will replace one of these in years to come!
  • Monday, March 14, 2016 Top 5 Most Intense Fan Bases in College Basketball

    With the annual college basketball tournaments upon us, many viewers and athletes will be exposed to teams they may have never seen before. There will be upsets for small schools and Cinderella runs, and behind each one of those teams will be a fan base we’ve likely not seen before. There are definitely some famous fan bases, though. Think you know college basketball fans? In no particular order, here are five groups of the most intense college basketball fans you’re likely to see in the stands or on the television.
  • The 5 Best Student Sections in College Basketball

    College basketball is now in full swing, and it won’t be long before we start talking about tournament-bound teams and those that need a little push to get into the postseason discussion. What better way to get that push than with a rowdy, supportive student section at your back? College basketball has always been known for its passionate student fans, so here are five of our favorites.