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Santa Claus Overalls | Christmas-Themed Bibs

Shopping for good-quality Santa outfits can be a pain. Most are ill-fitting or poorly constructed and fall apart after just a few uses. Getting your little helpers to repair them in a pinch can be tricky, too, but our bib overall Santa costumes fix all that! Each pair is made just like our regular bib overalls, with a 100 percent cotton blend and adjustable shoulder straps. It’s as if Mrs. Claus herself made the perfect pair of bib overalls! Whether you’re the best Saint Nick in town looking for solid-red Santa bib overalls to get in the holiday spirit or you want a jolly, comfortable suit for the holiday off-season or a costume party, our Santa Claus bib overalls are just the ticket. Professional Santas, pick up your casual Claus wear today!

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Red & White Adult Striped Game Bib Overalls Red & White Adult Game Bibs
Our Price: $52.95

Solid Red Santa Claus Bib Overalls Red Santa Claus Bibs
Our Price: $52.95

Game Bibs Red Santa Claus Pants Santa Claus Pants
: $49.95
Our Price: $20.00
Save $29.95!


Trusted by Santa Claus Himself

Our solid-red Christmas and holiday bibs are made from high-quality materials, so even the big man himself would like their comfort, fit and durability. A lot of our solid-red overall customers are looking for a professional Santa costume component without having to pay extravagant rental fees from costume shops or purchase low-quality Santa outfits from Amazon or big-box retailers. Our Santa bibs are the real deal.

They’re a great purchase for professional Santas as well as for those who just want to show a little Christmas spirit during the holidays.

Great for More Than Just Christmas

Our solid-red overalls and bibs are a great clothing item that can be used even outside of Christmas and the holiday season. For sports fans whose team colors are red, solid-red overalls are a great way to show your team spirit.

These are also a great option for Halloween costumes. We’ve seen some of our customers buy these Santa bibs so they can dress like Mario with his solid red overalls.