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  • How Some Baseball Team Names Came to Be

    Whether you love or hate baseball, you can’t deny the sport carries with it some imaginative and downright strange mascot names. Ever wondered why a team has the name it does? Here’s a quick history of baseball team names for a few of our favorites.
  • Our Past 2017 Baseball Pre-Season Predictions

    All that being said, who doesn’t love a prediction of how the grueling, 5+ month season is going to play out? Here’s how we think it’ll happen.
  • The Best Winning Percentages in Baseball History

    As of a few days ago, the Chicago Cubs became the fastest team to 40 wins in 15 years, with the last team to do it being the single-season win-record-tying Seattle Mariners of 2001. That got us wondering what some of the best winning percentages have been in baseball over the course of the league’s history.
  • The Evolution of Baseball Uniforms

    With hockey and basketball approaching the ends of their respective seasons and football not kicking off until September, America’s collective sports focus will be on baseball. More than any pro sport, baseball uniforms don’t seem entirely intuitive. Why dress head to toe in polyester in the heat of summer?