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A Game Bibs Pro-Football Championship Prediction

A topsy-turvy, nail-biting series of playoff football games has finally narrowed the field to our last two teams. In one corner, a juggernaut of a franchise looking for its fifth league championship in the last 15 seasons and its ninth overall appearance in the big game. In the other corner, a flashy, high-flying team that steamrolled the competition through the playoffs, making its way to its second-ever league championship game and searching for its first title. We’ll leave the analysis of the game to the professionals, but we can certainly give our input based on uniforms and color schemes!

Red & Black

This color scheme is underused in North American pro sports, so we’re glad to see it make an appearance on the biggest football stage. Our love stops at the colors themselves, though. The early-2000s rebrand of this Atlanta-based franchise is still quite evident in their current uniform set, with random and unnecessary accent color blocks scattered around the uniform and a robotic-looking bird adorning their helmets. The team’s uniforms of yesteryear have become a nostalgic keepsake for the fan base, but if this team wins it all in their current digs, then we can’t imagine anyone clamoring for them to revert to the retro look. One could argue that their style of play almost resembles the uniforms they wear: flashy and in your face. Maybe that’ll work to their advantage on the field.

Navy Blue & Red

Love them or hate them, the boys from New England are the epitome of consistency in football. They aren’t the epitome of uniform aesthetics, however. Their current uniform, while consistent and unchanged for years, is a blend of the tried-and-true (and tired) navy blue and red with design elements that seem almost like an afterthought. Random color panels on each side of the torso? Check. Blue stripes on blue pants? Check. A shooting star-esque helmet logo? Sure. All that being said, these guys just continue to win. It’s made us soften to their uniforms and most football fans would agree. Their throwback uniforms are still a thing of beauty, though!

Prediction: We can’t really make a prediction on the field as it’ll come down to controlling turnovers and long, clock-draining drives, but if we had to put our money on a color scheme, red and black has our vote.

A long and surprising football season is about to come to an end with an unlikely champion contender facing the veterans who’ve been here before (and before that, and before that). Who do you think will win? Which uniform combination do you prefer? Share in the comments below!